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India isn't just barely inconceivable as far as atmosphere, nature, culture, chronicled places, religion; India is likewise dabbed one of the mainstream untamed life goals among the travelers. The absolute territory of India's secured wild is around 1, 40,000 square kilometers which establishes 4 percent of the nation's all out land zone. There was a point of time in history when numerous natural life and marine species were on a verge of annihilation. Be that as it may, off late, Indian government and the people have stirred to the alarming peril over the presence of these untamed life species and have brought them under the assurance and sustaining plan. The accentuation has not exclusively been on ensuring and feeding untamed life in saved forest and woodlands, additionally creating mindfulness and insurance so the man and creature persevere to live in harmony and agreement.

Corbett The nation's secured wild comprises of 75 National Parks and 421 Sanctuaries, of which 19 fall under the domain of Project Tiger .Its geographic and climatic assorted variety makes it the home of more than 360 warm blooded animals and 1,300 fledgling species, a considerable lot of which are excellent to the subcontinent. The place that is known for the tiger and the elephant, the peacock and the rhinoceros, India's untamed life is an enjoyment for the nature sweetheart. The untamed life Parks and havens spread in Southern, Western, Eastern and Northern piece of India, all over offer an entrancing randomness of forest life and flora & fauna.

India is rumored to be the home to the best natural life and winged creature statuaries and tiger saves, which offer an astounding exhibit of untamed life. There are scarcely any mainstream "Undertaking Tiger" natural life holds at Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh and Kanha National Parks. Because of positive advances and creativity taken in the zone of Indian natural life preservation, the current untamed life havens and national parks have seen a noteworthy raise in the quantity of tigers, which were once very nearly demolition.

In India there is some best bird sanctuaries as, Bharatpur, Ranganathittu, Vembanad Bird Sanctuaries. Other untamed life asylums, for example, the Shivpuri Nature Reserve, the tiger save at Nagarhole natural life haven and Bannerghat National Park are likewise unmistakable and very popular among the natural life darlings. These nature asylums are home to a few uncommon creature animal varieties including lions, tigers, elephants, panther, Cheetahs, monkeys, deer, Sloth bear, wild hog, rhinoceros dark bucks, cobras and peacocks are the prime untamed life attractions in the nation. Find the distinctiveness of the vegetation which gives insurance and nourishment to these creatures. All these are so extraordinary and energizing in themselves that you will be compelled to return to the untamed life locales on numerous occasions.

The untamed life attractions of India are goliath and worth increasing in value. Indian protected land numbers jeopardized and uncommon species, and sitting tight for you to explore them.


Jim Corbett National Park is the main untamed life hold of India, spread over a zone of around 500 sq km in the Himalayan lower regions. This park was set up in year 1936, anyway in 1955 - 1956 this had been renamed Ramganga National Park.


Ranthambore National Park is situated in area of southeastern Rajasthan in territory of Rajasthan North India. The nearby town and railroad station is at Sawai Madhopur; around 11 km left. This is one of biggest and most popular National Park in the nation.


Sariska Wildlife Temple is situated in Alwar Rajasthan, 37 kms from the principle city of Alwar. In the past chasing spot of lords of Alwar. Sariska is presumably one of the most visited National Parks in India, being halfway situated close Jaipur and Delhi.


Bandhavgarh National Park is known for the Royal Bengal Tigers is spread over a territory a center zone of 105 sq km and a support region of roughly 400 sq km of geology shifts between soak edges, undulating, timberland and open knolls.


Nagarahole National Park is situated in Karnataka State in Southern locale of India. This park was set up in 1955. The name Nagarahole is mixed with 2 Kannada words-'Nagar' which means snake and 'opening' which means streams, there are a lot of streams snakes, found right now.

Gir Widlife Sanctuary

Gir National Park and Wildlife Temple is arranged 65 kilometers from Junagarh City of Gujarat state. The recreation center is framed in 1965, with whole region of 1412 square kilometers, out of that 258 km square territory is formally under "secured region" and 1153 km.

Kanha National Park

Spread over a region of more than 1,940-sq-kms, Kanha National Park cum Tiger save is situated in the Mandla region of Madhya Pradesh. Being one of the India's best tiger saves, the recreation center is the main natural surroundings of the uncommon hard ground barasingha.

Wildlife Tour Packages

For all wildlife enthusiasts Travel to India brings variety of wildlife tour packages filled with adventure and thrilling jungle safari amidst the wild species of animals. India’ national parks and wildlife sanctuaries gives you a memorable experience of wildlife with its rich flora and fauna and rare species of wild lives. India boasts 104 national parks, 551 Wildlife Sanctuaries, 18 Biosphere Reserves, 88 Conservation Reserves and 127 Community Reserves, covering a total of 1,65,088.57 sq km. In total, there are 870 Protected Areas which make 5.06% of the geographical area of the country.

We have a list of best wildlife destinations in India where you will forget everything and celebrate the moment with your loved ones. We present the packages with detailed travel planning, so don’t get confuse and book exciting wildlife tour package in India with us.

Highlights of India Wildlife sanctuaries are tiger that are most favorable among tourists. Spot Royal Bengal tiger in most famous sanctuaries as Jim Corbett, Ranthambore, Bandhavgarh, Kanha national parks. Explore the Great Himalayn National Park in Himachal Pradesh where you can spot Himalayan Tahr, musk deer, brown bear and even snow leopards. Keoladeo national park gives you opportunity to spot more than 300 species of bird and spot some endangered species of birds too.

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